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It’s all about options!

What should high school seniors have at the end of the college planning and application process?

Options-good options!

How can Southern College Consulting help?

Personalized services provide each student and family tailored help with the college planning process from beginning to end.

It’s all about options!

Start planning now!

Southern College Consulting


  • Career and Personality Assessments
  • Surveys and Learning Style Inventories
  • Balanced College List
  • Application Guidance
  • Essay Support
  • Financial Aid Planning
  • Personalized Service


Parent of 2017 High School Graduate

We truly are thankful for you in our daughter’s life and all the help and advice you have given her and us.

Student, 2018 Graduate

Thank you so much for helping me with everything. I couldn't have done it all without you. You're the best!

Student, 2018 Graduate

I’m really excited! Thank you so much Mrs. DuBreuil for all you have done for me.